Advanced Composites: Design and manufacturing @ IIT Jammu

Director - WINGS OF AERO

Advanced Composites: Design and manufacturing @ IIT Jammu

Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu has organized ATAL faculty development program on “Advanced Composites: Design and Manufacturing” from 26.12.2019 to 30.12.2019. The course is open to teachers and PhD scholars from AICTE recognized engineering colleges.

The following topics are covered in the 14 sessions

  1. Introduction to Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials
  2. Materials and Manufacturing methods
  3. Fibre/Matrix Interface – Experimental and Theoretical Techniques
  4. Classical Laminate Theory and Modelling of Composites
  5. Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Composites
  6. Meshless Methods
  7. Machining of Composites
  8. Non-Destructive Testing of Composites
  9. Intermetallic Composites
  10. Application of Composites to Defense Research
  11. Interactive Session – Design Case Study and CAD Practise
  12. Hands on Lab Practice


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