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Mrs. Aishwarya Dhara is one of the Young Indian entrepreneur in the field of aerospace engineering who love to transform the knowledge into new dimension from unreachable to reachable! Since her childhood days, beloved A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s deed constantly inspired to do something for the aerospace community. This inspiration took her to fly Tamil Nadu to complete her Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering. Her dedication and adherence towards aerospace leads her to score Gold-Medal for attaining 1st Rank in Anna University in the year 2011. Later, she pursued her higher studies in Aerospace Engineering from the same Anna University, Chennai inn the year 2014. Simultaneously, she joined as Assistant Professor in the department of aeronautical Engineering in many engineering Institutions and nearly she has spend more than 7 years in the teaching field. Mrs. Dhara have spend her dedication in teaching Aeronautical and aerospace students in various institutes in Southern part of India for 5 years. In her leisure time, she kept inspiring people and conducted Aerospace technology awareness program among many school and college students. Mrs. Dhara was not only limited to awareness program but visited many universities, colleges, autonomous institutions as a invited guest lecture to deliver the aerospace-based-knowledge to the young generation. 

She is also known as a you-tuber on educational videos related to Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering tips and tricks and career opportunities since 2017.In the year 2019, she publicized ” AERO ANTHEM” to unify the Aerospace and aeronautical Engineering community around the world. Untiringly she gave effort to publish two textbooks “Essence of Aerospace Engineering” and “Aircraft Design Guidebook for freshmen”  back to back in the year 2019. She made an attempted of Guinness World Record for flying Worlds largest Water Rocket attained a height about 104 feet altitude. As a course of time, she has published many research articles and paper on her specialized domain. Due to her amazing excellence in women engineering academics received Kalpana Chawla Award from society of Mechanical and Aeronautical Professionals in the year 2020. To continue her professional interest, currently pursuing her Doctoral program in Aerospace Vehicle Design. Apart from academics, she is known as multilinguistic as she can speak 5 different Indian language like Bengali (Mother Tongue), English(US), Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam. She believes  “If you want to achieve your goal as Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineer, fidelity towards your dream is a one way…..”

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● Aerospace Vehicle Design
● Aerodynamics


> Prepared lectures and class activities focusing on the aircraft design and aircraft structures for 100 undergraduates.
> Created and graded course assessments to ensure students understood material and stayed on track.
> Acting as NAAC Branding coordinator

> Integrated multimedia approaches and used instructional technology to enhance pedagogical approach.
> Explained challenging concepts using planned lessons, assignments and targeted discussions for sophomore students.
> Additionally Acted as Timetable coordinator.

> Taught undergraduate and postgraduate students about the industrial applications of aerodynamics at various
> Guided the students in preparation and presentation of projects.

> Taught undergraduate students in data collection and analysis to visualize the properties of various fluid
dynamics and kinematics.
> Guided the students in preparation and presentation of innovation.

Achieved Educators Award 2020
Attempted Guinness World Record


Aircraft Design Guidelines for Freshmen”, WINGS of AERO Publications, ISBN: 978-93-5396-046-9
Edition 1. pp: 1-174.

Essence of Aerospace Engineering”, WINGS of AERO Publications ISBN: 978-93-5361-362-4, Edition 1. pp: 1-160.

  1. “Future Aerospace vehicle Design and career scope” at PMT, Tamil Nadu, Oct 2020
  2. “Future Aerospace vehicle” at FX Engineering college, Tamil Nadu, Aug 2020
  3. “Career scope in Aerospace Engineering” at Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, June 2020
  4. “ Introduction to Hypersonic vehicle” at IIT Mandi, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Mar 2020
  5. “Evolution of aeronautics” at Regional Science Centre, Dedradun, UK, Sept 2019
  6. “Employability Skills: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” at Bishop Caldwell College, Tuticorin, TN, March 2019
  7. “Conquest of Air” at Kurukshetra Panorama Science Centre, Haryana, Oct 2018
  8. “Mechanical Technical Writing” at Green Hill Engineering College, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Oct 2018
  9. “ Introduction to Aeronautics” at Kendra Vidyalaya 2, Agra , Uttar Pradesh, Sep 2018.
  10. “ Aero Technical Writing” at Park College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore, TN, Sep 2018


Member at “American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics” Membership ID: 984519
Technical Member of IEEE Membership ID:95760529
Member at Universal Association of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers Membership ID: AM101000583864
Member at International Association of Engineers (IAENG) Membership ID: 239488
Member at “Society of Aeronautical Engineers” Membership ID: 2016/SAeE/1026