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Director - WINGS OF AERO

Guest Lecture @ IIT Mandi

It’s honor and privilege to deliver lecture on “Hypersonic Flight Vehicle and its Challenges” at IIT Mandi dated 14th March 2020.  Vehicle to be considered as hypersonic, which travel at speeds faster than  Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. The main challenges that determine the Hypersonic flight vehicle are aerodynamic heating on…
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Republic Day

Wish you all a Happy Republic Day!

Remote Sensing by Lunar Mission

The Moon provides an excellent opportunity to study the uninterrupted solar-terrestrial processes and serves as a unique laboratory for understanding the evolution of terrestrial planets. Its airless surface has recorded the 4.6 billion years of history of  the solar system in its purest form. The Moon has constantly been observed utilizing various remote sensors from…
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Guest Lecture @ Regional Science Centre, Dedradun,

Ms. Aishwarya Dhara  delivered a guest lecture on  “Evolution of aeronautics” along with  Shri. Pon Maa Kishan, Founder and President – SOCIETY OF AERO has spread the knowledge of evolution of aircraft and technology development in this field. Around 100 students has participated from Institute of Technology, Gopeshwar and Tibetan Home School from Dehradun, Uttarkhand…
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World’s Largest Water Rocket 2019

A new World’s Largest Water Rocket record is created by a Ms. Aishwarya Dhara, Mr. Pon Maa Kishan and Mr. Ajin Branesh along with 18 aerospace engineering students of Chandigarh University which designed a Water Rocket with a configuration of 5.1 meters tall , 52 centimeters in diameter and its launching mechanism. It was successfully…
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National Conference of Aerospace Engineering Research

In order to celebrate the World’s Space week from  4th Oct to 10th Oct 2019 on behalf of Chandigarh University, department of Aerospace Engineering organised a National Conference of Aerospace Engineering Research.  

Essence of Aerospace Engineering release

On 3rd NCMAE 2019 & Aero Awards 2019, Chandigarh, Essence of aerospace Engineering has been released.

Guest Lecture @ PSN College of Engineering & Technology

It’s privilege and glad to ignite and deliver a lecture on content writing and technical writing to the  third and final year aeronautical students of PSN college.